Take control with SDWAN in San Francisco Bay

You know that a standard network just doesn’t cut it for your business. You need greater control over network parameters, and that’s what SDWAN delivers. With a software defined WAN network you have total control over the pathways your data takes. That means dynamically controlled traffic routing so you always get the cheapest, best transfer rates while also optimizing application performance. Why make the switch to SDWAN with the best local telecommunications company?


  • Save money by reducing your use of MPLS and Private networks without impacting performance.
  • Route traffic through the most reliable network connections in real-time.
  • Increase performance of existing Broadband and DSL business networks.
  • Reduce packet loss on large audio/visual files, media files, and data files.
  • Improve network capacity without the need to increase network budget costs.
  • Combine two best effort circuits for Fiber like performance.
  • Can be effective even at single location businesses.

Stop paying for expensive IP virtual networks. Get SDWAN now.

Incorporate lower cost solutions like broadband into your existing network without sacrificing application performance, like VoIP and Cloud needs. SDWAN from Bay Area Telecom Consultants makes it possible.

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How does SDWAN improve your business network?

Manage costs with a software controlled network. – Until San Francisco finishes completing its public fiber-optic network, dedicated internet is going to remain your best option for dedicated high-speeds. It’s a costly option, even when choosing the Bay area’s most affordable dedicate business internet provider.

SDWAN allows you to have complete control over how your network routes traffic between node points. When SDWAN nodes are setup, they allow you to direct traffic along the fastest available connection between two points. That allows you to send large files, teleconference, and work remotely between connected locations on cloud-based software without packet or speed loss using best effort technologies like Broadband internet.

Decrease the complexity of your network and increase flexibility.  

Individual networking sites communicate individually. Each one is independent, and they won’t together unless you have an IT team at every site familiar with hybrid-WAN.

SDWAN provides intelligent communication between node equipped networking sites. That means that traffic can be centrally controlled for all nodes, from a single point. This gives SDWAN the ability to prioritize routes for every node, allowing them to communicate with one another in the most efficient, and affordable way possible. For companies in the San Francisco Bay who work remotely with other offices on the East Coast, Midlands, or even the Northwest, you can create and manage networks with ease.

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Get SDWAN installation today. Contact us now.

The sooner your SDWAN system is installed, the sooner you can start saving. We perform on-site installation, software setup, and can provide additional SDWAN system training. Business runs on a reliable network, and putting control of your network into your hands is the smart way to ensure your business operates efficiently, quickly, and intelligently.

Linking new sites with the addition of new nodes allows for limitless scalability. You can grow your network as you grow your company. We remove the guesswork. Equip yourself for today’s business environment and future-proof your company for tomorrow.  Contact Bay Area Telecom Consultants today; it’s time to put control of your network back in your hands. Call us today at (925) 238-8647.