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If you haven’t considered cloud computing yet, you should. If you have already, you know what it’s capable of. Why should you make Bay Area Telecom Consultants your first choice for your cloud computing needs? Our networks.

The Bay Area’s Fastest Cloud Based Networking
Cloud networking utilizes off-site computer hardware to run computer software, store data, and process large amounts of data using networked servers with memory and processing power that drastically exceeds even the highest end desktop or server.

Where those off-site servers are located is what limits the ability of cloud computing. If you choose a company outside San Francisco, without established networks with nearly every major telecom company in the U.S.; your cloud could be located half a world away.

Working with Over 70 of the Top Telecom Carriers in the US.

When you need local cloud networks in San Francisco that your company can rely on, you need bay Area Telecom consultants.

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What Affects Cloud Computing Response Times?

Using applications on an out of country cloud doesn’t mean those applications won’t work correctly, but cloud applications are served over WAN and there are two major attributes that impact cloud performance metrics.

Location: The closer you physically are to the cloud that houses your applications, the faster you can access data. Cloud-based applications are in essence, streaming. The application loads on an offsite server you then access via wide area network. The further you are from that offsite server, the more networks that data has to cross over before it reaches you. Larger amounts of data and more complex processing needs mean an even greater slowdown the further away you are.

Server Speeds: The cloud is a misnomer. There are many clouds, and your cloud computing needs are being met by very real servers. Instead of being controlled by a central server, cloud computing allows server groups to be controlled over the internet, meaning multiple cloud networks can be chained together. That means physical hardware like the processors and ram as well as the software controlling the cloud can have an impact on your performance. You want your data handled by trusted industry leaders with the finances to support their server networks.

Reduce Your IT Expenditures with Cloud Computing.

There are a wide range of cloud computing options that can help streamline your business and reduce your IT costs.

  • (IaaS) Infrastructure as a service: We offer a wide range of scalable cloud options whether you need to rent physical or virtual servers, networking, or storage. This service is ideal for local companies building applications and can drastically reduce the time it takes to launch them.
  • (PaaS) Platform as a service: We’ll help you find the perfect PaaS options for your growing companies needs. There’s no need to pay for costly OS, database management software, or even development tools upfront. Get exactly what you need, for as long as you need it.
  • (SaaS) Software as a service: Cloud computing allows you to utilize resource heavy applications without having to exhaust your own resources. Our local SF area Telecom Providers deliver lightning fast performance, even on heavy design, data processing and graphical processing applications.
  • (CPEaaS) Customer Premise Equipment everything as a service: We can virtualize your on-premise equipment including routers, firewalls and more. This eliminates the large up-front investment of a CAPEx cost and converts this portion of your network into an OPEX cost.

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What Else Can Cloud Computing Do for You?

  • Eliminate the need for in-house server maintenance and updates.
  • Offload resource hungry applications like CRM’s and Email Applications.
  • Increase your business agility by having on-call access to the computing resources you need.
  • Reduce your reliance on IT procurement to handle increased data processing requirements.
  • Pay only for the resources you use.
Harness the Power and Scalability of Cloud Computing. Contact Us Today.

When you need enhanced scalability, security, and resources for your business, you need to make the switch to cloud computing. Our cloud computing network is San Francisco Bay’s best, and our rates make it a cost-effective decision that reduces your IT expenditures. Choose local cloud computing with Bay Area Telecom Consultants. Contact us today to get started. Call us today at (925) 238-8647.